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We are The Black Ravens  -  a mercenary company traveling the  known world of Hyboria in search of adventure, glory and of course, coin. If you cross us, woe to you as you cross us all. If you befriend us, you have found powerful allies indeed.

The Black Ravens is a guild made up of dedicated Age of Conan players.  We are currently looking for new members.

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Character Pics (15)
  A new look
  Canicus Ranger
  Grim Gray God finished
  Grimdar Conqueror
  Gudbrandr Barbarian
  Image uploaded by jennythefish
  Image uploaded by LiliannaEQ
  Image uploaded by LunaCrist
  Lady Raven..wanta race now?
  Philon Dark Templar
  Ragnr - Barbarian
  Sotiris Assassin
  Thabet Demonologist
  The Red Hood - Ranger
  Wray Bear Shaman

DC Online (9)
  "Gotta run!"
  "Ironman?" " Never heard of him."
  "Who's next?"
  Dark Sabre
  Gotham Knights
  Nova Templar smash puny building
  Scarlet Blade
  Stopping Black Adam and Faust from rezzing Isis
  You talkin to me?

Humorous Images (15)
  Aye...Philon was right. The Monkey Boy smells just like Ragnr!
  Bad Teacher?
  Bloody Cimmerian pup, always talkin' when there be fightin' ta do
  By this axe... Owww... I think I pulled something.
  Good fight! Well, he smells just like Ragnr...O.o
  Grimdar shows Lady Vestra what a big heart... err... Well big everything he has.
  Happens everytime I eat Yeti Bile Stew
  Helping Wray move his stuff to the Old Shaman's home
  I gotta throne too!
  I'm up here
  Jason who?
  Level 77 might be pushing it here in Kara Korum
  My first 80 Ranger tree climb and no Ragnr to see it
  So you really think this will help recruit more members?
  What are you gawking at? Shouldn't you be out earning me more coin?

Misc. Images (59)
  *gulp* I thought Conan was tall...
  Another enjoyable raid sponsered by Shadow Company - Wing 2
  Another one bites the dust!
  Barbarian 1 Hermit 0
  Bloody Ape..*snarls
  By this axe I rule!
  Chamber of Iron Statues
  Death from above, Sotiris stalks his prey
  First a throne and now a chariot? She 's mad with Power!
  First Ranger Raven to kill the first KK Solo boss
  From the roof tops of Khemi
  From the upper wall of the Palace in Khemi
  Got this part, but can't do the Monkey Guy yet
  Grimdar pledges fealty to Lady Vestra.
  Hey Red, I got the last boss too. *snickers*
  I think Ragnr's been spendin too much time with Sotiris
  If Conan could kill one, then so can Grimdar!
  Image uploaded by [BR]Leifsen
  Image uploaded by [BR]Leifsen
  Image uploaded by [BR]Leifsen
  Image uploaded by [BR]Leifsen
  Image uploaded by Gudbrandr
  Image uploaded by Gudbrandr
  Image uploaded by Gudbrandr
  Image uploaded by Gudbrandr
  Image uploaded by Gudbrandr
  In typical Raven fashion after we marvel, then we kill *grins*
  Iron Statues,,,BAH!
  Multiple guild raid on Wing 3
  Nan leads her fellow Ravens to the mythical places of Hidden Tortage.
  Need 800 Climb points for this
  Our new T3 Thieves Guild
  Priestess Sera calls upon the power of Mitra
  Ragnr defeats the Grim Grey God
  Ragnr finally defeats the Iron Statues
  Sera and Sotiris check out the bosses new chair
  Sera in Paikang
  Skyrim - Ragnar Stormblade (This my character - A Nord Barbarian of course)
  So easy, even a barbarian can do it....wait a minute..O.o
  Sotiris seems to like the big chair, watch out Vestra.
  Start of the Ape Boss
  The Back Raven's prepare to free the Frost Father
  The Black Raven's extinguish the final boss in the Requirum of Flames
  The Black Ravens clear the Cistren of evil
  The Black Ravens stand victorious deep within the bowels of the Cistren
  The Black Ravens take on Epic FOTD and Tordealbach's Tomb.
  The boss takes the throne. Vestra in her rightful place as head of the Black Ravens
  The Fearsome Four sweep Amp
  The Ravens marvel at a mystical creature
  Three Ravens try to storm the Pillars of Heaven
  Time to pick a fight with 'Monkey Boy"
  Track the Red Hood - ***CONTEST***
  Two Ravens roosting above Fendu
  Unable to defeat the last boss, Ragnr ponders the uncanny resemblance between the great ape and Philon. "Hmmmm... I guess Philon got the magic and the Ape got the looks"
  View of Khemi from the Palace wall.
  Vistrix raid hosted by Shadow Company
  Waits for Ragnr to stand under him
  With the guard in upper Khemi
  Zhatai showing her powers of Set

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